Monday, June 16, 1913

Sherwood Prize Speaking Contest.

Mon. June 16, 1913

This has been quite a red letter day for me. This P.M. I went with Ralph to the Senior Class Day exercises   they gave five scenes from Shakespeare and at the end Dr. Stetson went onto the platform and awarded the tennis medals making a real nice speech. And I had to march up to the platform three times. Once for my gold medal, once for my silver medal and once for my “K” everyone clapped and clapped and I felt like a fool. I don’t know how I ever lived through it, David went swimming and Tommy wasn’t in town so it was just Esther and I. Then this evening I was in the declamation contest that comes in Commencement week. It’s the contest that I won the perliminary[sic] for May 15. There were only three girls, and 7 boys in it. I was the last one on the program for they arranged it alphabetically  I’ll put a program in my memory book. I felt perfectly calm while the others were speaking and when it came my turn I made the audience listen and I got through it all right though I turned my back to the audience when I started back to my seat.   I got lots of congratulations some said (in flattery) that they were sure I won 1st.

I liked what Dr. Williams said “You surpised[sic] me Miss Wight” and Prof. Praeger said mine was excellent, that the contest was close and he wouldn’t be surprised to have it go to anyone of five. I personally don’t know who I would give 1st place to. Oh well its over now and I’m so happy and relieved that I don’t know what to do. It’s after twelve now and I’m going to bed. The girls all seem proud that I’m a “Kappa Pi” all the society girls were lovely to me.

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