June 14 & 15, 1913

Albion. Lost in Doubles

Sat. June 14, 1913

Took an easy English Exam this morning. This noon Esther and I and Elizabeth took the 12:35 Limited for Albion it was an awful ride   so dusty and rocky and jerky it made Esther sick and me feel miserable. Ben Wheatley met us at the station and we went up to the gymnasium to dress   when we got to the courts at 3:00 there was no one there and the courts weren’t marked out well or the net up. Well Ben got to work and got things fixed up then about 3:30 or 4:00 the Hillsdale girls came and we started to play. Well Esther and I easily took the first set 6-0 then we simply didn’t play well at all and Hillsdale got the other two sets 6-3, 6-4. Why I can’t understand it   we simply couldn’t play tennis  I don’t know but I guess it was because I couldn’t feel that I was playing a tournament and I didn’t have any faith in Esther. I just joked & laughed all the way through it and I couldn’t play seriously. After it was over Elizabeth had to catch the 5:35 car because she had an appointment and Esther didn’t want to go on it because it made her sick so I stayed with Esther and Ben took us down to the resteraunt[sic] for supper and we had a fine meal then we had an hour & ½ so we went canoeing it was great. Then we caught the 8:10 train and Ralph and Mr. Bates were here to meet us  They felt awful because we lost  we should have won.  Ben is coming up next Wednesday so I told Ralph I couldn’t go to the commencement dinner with him. I hate to miss commencement too. Oh dear I hate to stop going with Ralph  he is so grand and dependable. Well goodnight diary its 12:35. [train ride; tennis tournament; lost; Ben Wheatley; Ralph; romance]


« Sun. June 15, 1913

Ralph told me tonight that he cares for me and that there will never be any other girl. It seems to me that if I love him I ought to be unutterably happy but I’m not. I don’t believe I ever will love him though he’s going to try and make me. He says he wont give up and we’ve got to go together. I don’t think we ought to  Oh I wish I knew what to do. I know that Ralph would always care and he has such a deep reverence for me now that its wonderful to me  I can’t understand it. I can’t comprehend how he feels. He is so in earnest that it just scares me. He told me that it took him six months to get up nerve enough to ask me to go anyplace with him. He is certainly a manly fellow. He told me about other girls he had been with and said he wouldn’t give a hang “if I wanted to brake[sic] it” off if I was one of those other girls.

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