June 10-13, 1913

Exams Ugh!

Tues. June 10, 1913

Math. Exam this morning  I never wrote such a poor exam in my life. This P.M. I wrote [an] English paper   this evening I went over to Ramseys to see Ethel Knox and I wrote English papers and now I’ve got all my back paper in and I’m so happy that I can scarcely contain myself. Howard is rather nice I think.  

Wed. June 11, 1913

German Exam! I got along fairly well however. This P.M. Elizabeth Stetson came up for a while then I went over to Vera’s for a few minutes. This evening Helen came up and we talked house party. I wonder if we will really have one. I like Ben  I wonder if I will ever see very much of him. I can’t study Latin tonight   whats the use.  

Thur. June 12, 1913

My! Diary. I just had a serious talk with Ralph and it was oh so hard ! I told him that we must stop going together and why. Oh and he’s such a grand fellow. When he told me how I had kept him straight it made me almost tremble. I wonder if I will ever regret turning him down. I know I will miss him for a while but I don’t imagine I love him. We are going to stop going together the 23rd of June. Goodnight diary its most 12:00 o’clock now.  

Fri. June 13, 1913

Didn’t have any Exams today. Just one tomorrow and then I’m through. Oh I hope I passed them all. This noon papa got home from Minneapolis and St. Paul  he has been associating with all those rich people  it just seems wonderful to me to think of it. I wonder if I will ever be in a millionaires home? I wonder if Papa will begin conference work again and not keep the Bethel Church. Oh I hope God opens the doors and makes it easier for us. This P.M. I played tennis two/3 sets Esther & I against Hosmer Stone and Mr. Parker and then Esther went and David and I played against the two boys. Oh it was  great sport only I couldn’t play well today. I don’t expect to win tomorrow I wonder how things will go tomorrow anyway.

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