June 8 & 9, 1913

Sun. June 8, 1913

Went to Church, it was Childrens day exercises and as the last number on the program I read “The Teacher’s Diadem.” This evening Ralph came and we looked at his stamp collection. We went to church and afterwards had quite a serious talk. I told him we must stop going together by June 23 and we had a dispute in which he said something that hurt me terrible and now he’s gone. And Oh I’m so weary.  

Mon. June 9, 1913

This morning I skipped Chapel because I heard they were going to make a fuss about the tennis victories. And what do you think they have decided — to do it on Class Day instead — award the medals and all that. Oh I dread it. This P.M. I slept and then went over to school to see Miss Hussey  My work is in a terrible condition  I don’t see how I can pass anything. I had a fine talk with Mr. Star[c]ing in the library this P.M.  I think he is fine. Ralph called up today and said that he wanted to see me and he apologized for what he said and tonight he has been helping me get in English papers. And I’m in no shape to take Math Exam tomorrow. Oh next year I’m not going to get behind in a thing. I got a grand letter from Ben Wheatley today  he wants to come over for a while.

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