Saturday, June 7, 1913

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Claire Wight, Kalamazoo College Ladies’ Tennis Champ

I won the tennis Championship M.I.A.A.
Sat. June 7, 1913

This is certainly a red letter day for me [NOTE: Claire writes this day passage in red ink]. I won the Gold Medal from Ladies Singles. I beat the Hillsdale girl, who has been Champion for three years, by the score 6-3, 6-2. Oh I’m so happy. Kazoo College never had 1st in Ladies Singles before that I know of. I don’t know how I won but I just almost seemed inspired and I played better than I ever did before. It was the folks on the side lines that helped. Well I will begin at the beginning. I only slept about two hours last night and I was so nervious[sic] this morning that I was almost sick. Esther and I went down to the Resteraunt[sic] for Breakfast but I could only eat a little. It rained so that the courts couldn’t be played on until noon. So we went up in the grand stand and watched the track meet finals. And what do you think there were Ralph and Mr Bates who had come over to watch us play tennis. I was slightly provoked because I was having such a nice time watching Mr. Wheatley run the hurdle race & Relay  Ralph needn’t think he owns me though he does act that way. He kept Mr. Wheatley off so the rest of the day that Mr. W. even had to leave his goodby’s with Esther for me. Ugh I was mad! But Ralph was so grand to me that I couldn’t stay mad long. I don’t believe I will go with anyone boy “aatall” next year I’m tired of boys  Well all I could have for dinner was a glass of milk (which I hate) and a piece of bread & butter and a little dab of custard. After that scanty repast I laid down till they called me for the game then I went down to the court feeling as sick as a dog.  David won his singles though he played part of the set with his hand paralyzed  When I got up on the court to play the sickness left me and by force of will I kept myself going. I knew I couldn’t hold out for more than two sets and they wouldn’t let me rest so I played on and on I thought it would never end. One game I guess we went back to deuce a dozen time  When she shot the last ball into the net I just felt dazed  I felt as if I must keep playing. That Miss Pavey didn’t even get second place this year for I beat her by a worse score than I did Alma College although Miss Pavey is a far better player than Miss Ruth Cook. I’m so glad the Alma girl got it for she’s such a dear so fair in play and so modest and ladylike. Esther & I have to go down to Albion again next Saturday to play off the doubles for there wasn’t time today  but I haven’t any hopes of winning with Esther as partner. David and Tommy won by a five set match from Olivet and I sat swathed in the Auto robe that belonged to the President of Olivet cheering for Tommy and David with all my might. I thought everybody was cruel when they kept making me walk around after I finished playing and they say I was out of my head for a while   There were a few tragic moments when Ralph and Ben Wheatley eyed each other  It was really funny. Oh diary you would have laughed & laughed to hear me give an order a mile long for supper at the resteraunt[sic] after the game and I ate and ate  I never tasted anything so good as those pork chops. There was quite a bunch of us came home on the train together and it was lots of fun only I was tired to death. Mamma was waiting for me when I got home and I was so glad I could tell her that I had won  I wish I could get so that I could really play tennis.

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