Friday, June 6, 1913

Albion Tennis Semi Finals. Canoe.

Fri. June 6, 1913

Ralph came after me and took me to the train at 7:25 A.M. for Albion to the big Michigan Intercollegiate Atheletic[sic] Association (M.I.A.A.) track meet where I represented Kazoo College in Ladies singles and with Esther DeWater in Ladies Doubles, David Polasky and Louis Thompason represented in Mens singles and doubles. We were met at the train and went to the Y.W.C.A. rooms to register then as soon as I could get into my tennis suit I had to play Alma College girl in semi finals (you see she had won from Olivet and I from Albion)  Well I had on a new tennis skirt that hindered me in playing and I felt sick and faint from the car ride and lack of food so I didn’t play as well as I generally do in tournament and it was a hard fight but I won two straight sets 6-4, 6-4. Oh I was happy & everyone else was so grand to me. Prof. Bacon is the biggest inspiration to me while I’m playing I can just feel his influence. David won out from Mr. Lancester of Olivet by a close match score.  I was so happy and this p.m. our boys won in doubles so Kazoo will be in all the finals in tennis. This P.M. after the tennis I went to the perliminary[sic] track meet and Base Ball game. It was piles of fun to be in a Grand stand with thousands of people and a band and lemonade and pennants. At 6:30 I went back [to] the boarding house for supper. I like Mr. Beach that I sat next to real well. Oh I’ve met lots & lots of girls and men and everyone is so nice to me. After supper Mr. Wheatley was waiting and he went with Elizabeth, Esther and I to get our suit cases then he took Esther and I over to Miss Slee’s where we are staying and he came up and talked for a while then he took me canoeing  it was perfectly grand. His canoe is a beauty 16 footer steel gray color. He filled it with pillows and we started up the mill race  Oh it was beautiful (they say the Kazoo river is the prettiest at Albion of any where) It was just great with a small cresent[sic] moon shining in one part of the sky and banks of clouds with the lightning playing in them at the other side  Well we went on and on till finally Ben said “I’m afraid its going to rain” so he paddled under a thick over-hanging maple and it began to sprinkle  we stayed through one or two little showers when suddenly it began to come down in perfect torrents  we jumped out on the bank and quick as a wink Ben pulled the canoe up and turned it over on a couple of stumps and we rolled under it and sat there  on pillows as dry and nice as could be  the lightning flashed the thunder rolled and it was certainly an adventure. In about half an hour the stars were shinning[sic] again and we went on with our ride. We met another canoe load with four in it that weren’t quite so wise as we and they were soaked through. We sat in the bottom of the canoe together going back and foated[sic] down stream  I enjoyed my talk with him very much in fact I had a lovely evening. All day I had been finding out things about him from folks that didn’t know I knew him. He’s also captain of the track team and very popular & I can tell you I enjoyed the sensation I created when I walked down the street with him. I made it a point to get to my room again at ten.

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