June 1 & 2, 1913

Sun. June 1, 1913

Went to Church and S.S. this P.M.  Elizabeth Stetson came up until 4:20 then I took her a piece home. I certainly love Elizabeth she is such a whole hearted girl and she is so candid but loving and kind hearted. She certainly is in a mix up in her love affairs though, I wish I could help her.

Ralph came up and brought his stamps for me to look at  why I go so interested. I want to start a collection myself.  His is worth 2 or 3 hundred dollars right now and he is adding to it all the time. I never dreamed there were so many kinds of stamps in the world. This evening we went to church & heard “Brother MacDowel”  We had quite a time getting to church. After church we talked.  

Mon. June 2, 1913

Went to school kept Prof. Bailey talking until after the bell rang so I didn’t have to recite in Latin this morning. This P.M. I studied Latin with Esther then went over and played tennis with Mr. Parker  he won the set 7-5 then after resting a while Esther & I  played against Joe & Bill  they won 6-1, 6-2  I think I can’t just remember the score. They make us laugh so that we can’t run after the balls. This evening I washed my hair then after sorting stamps I went to bed. Oh dear I wonder if Esther’s going to Albion will spoil my good time. Oh I hope not.

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