May 30 & 31, 1913

Fri. May 30, 1913

Got up and went to Long Lake with Ralph, to the Baracea picnic  Elizabeth Stetson and Hamlin Gartener were there and we had lots of fun with them. Elizabeth and I ran off and left the boys so much that finally they locked us in the boat house and climbed up in. Had all the olives I wanted for once and a very good meal. This P.M. we carved some then had 7 minutes to go a mile & ¼ to catch a train  well we ran ½ mile when the train started to pull out of the station so we sank down under a tree to rest and the train stoped[sic]. I jumped up and ran the ¾ of a mile without stopping and Ralph after me and we got there as the train was leaving  I jumped onto the lowest step and hung onto the bars until the brakeman got the door open. Why I was week[sic] as a rag when I sank down on the last seat. Got home and Ralph knew that I had come home on the afternoon train so that I could practice tennis with Parker for the tournament tomorrow so he just waited and went over to the courts with Parker and I, and I had a pile of fun watching the 2 of them.


Albion tennis perliminary[sic] 6-0, 6-0

Sat. May 31, 1913

Was so nervous this morning that I couldn’t eat just for thinking about the tournament. Well one of the Albion girls was sick so I could only play off the singles. We used the Faculty court at the Normal and there was quite a crowd there. I played my singles first against a Miss McEldowner and I won the two sets 6-0, 6-0. Oh I was happy and so were all the Kazoo people. And just think we won the other two matches too. David Polasky won singles 6-3, 6-1 and David & Tommy won the first two sets so Albion didn’t win anything. After it was over Esther & I played doubles against the two Albion players  they won 7-5, 6-1. It was lots of fun. Then Ralph brought me home and this evening we went out rowing on the Lake  Went just to celebrate   it was lots of fun. Parker has invited me to the Sherwood Banquet and I have consented to go. He also wanted to celebrate tonight but I wouldn’t let him. It’s nice to win tournaments for the College everyone is so happy over it.

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