May 23 & 24, 1913

My first Concert Schoolcraft.

Fri. May 23, 1913

Well the train arrived in Kazoo and the girls arrived around all the corners of the station on the run just about the second the train pulled out. We “arrived” in Schoolcraft and I took a couple of pictures then we went to the Methodist Church to have rehersal[sic]  we got the church arranged just great then we had a supper at the Church  just us girls  we had the best supper and the gayest time.  “Cris” got to laughing so I nearly split. Well we gave our concert and it went off finely  not a very large crowd however because there was a dance and an installation service of the Prespiterean[sic] Minister besides us. But our concert went off great with scarcely a brake[sic]. But Oh I will write more tomorrow.  Well I sat behind the curtain and giggled and I had to change so fast I was nearly dizzy. In our stunt when I came out as the Dean Mrs Perkins. We almost broke down laughing “Cris” did give away for a minute and my voice trembled a second (Oh I have to laugh now when I think of how rediculus[sic] I acted) but I soon got control of myself and went through my speech without a brake[sic]. They laughed, so I guess I was a success. Our Gypsy costumes and tent certainly are cute  they are all borrowed but then. “Cris” did her reading wonderfully and the violin & whistling was great. The funniest thing was a joke on us. After we finished Singing our college songs with our Caps and Gowns on we went behind the curtain the folks thought there was something more  there was a pause then we gave “Bric a tcex” behind the curtain and they took the hint and went. Grace Bowen and I stayed together at Mr. and Mrs Simonds house  it was a lovely place and lovely people and I had the best time. Oh I love Grace with a great big love.  We had the grandest talk that just drew us together and I think she is the purest finest Christian girl I know. She is engaged to a great big grand man and they are both pleaged[sic] to the Foreign Field. We talked until after one o’clock and she measured up to what I thought her to be, which is saying a great deal. This morning we all caught the 7:23 train and now I’m back in school.  

Sat. May 24, 1913

This is the “morning after the night before.” I’m tired tonight as usual so won’t write much. Got home went to school.  This P.M. I went to Gaynor then went down town and had a time picking out a hat. I found a $9.00 bargain for $5.00 so got it  its real pretty (Eternal Feminine)  Got home ate supper then Parker came up to see me  we talked and now I’m going to bed.  Esther beat May in Tournament today 6-2, 7-5  I never was so surprised in my life. May couldn’t play well at all on account of being up so late and being run down. I wonder if I will win from Esther. Oh I hope so.

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