May 9-11, 1913

Fri. May 9, 1913

OO. Had a long committee meeting to plan the Fresh & Soph picnic at Gull Lake and all the rest of the day my mind has been filled with such questions as if one pint of potato salad will fill 3 people how many galons[sic] will it take for 125.  How many lemons will it take if two tablespoons of sugar are enough for one glass of lemonade.  This P.M. I got my marks and I have dropped in everything except English. And I have D in latin. Oh mercy! This afternoon and part of the evening I have spent with Ethel Knox fixing my declamation for the K.P. contest. Oh I don’t know how I will ever get through in everything. Well goodnight diary I’m tired these nights.  

Sat. May 10, 1913

Went to school! This morning Jimmy and I talked with Miss Hussey and then with Dr Stetson about the Freshman, Soph picnic & I guess we are going to discard the custom of going to Gull lake and just take them out to White’s lake or somewhere like that. I practiced my piece with Miss Hussey also  Oh I hope I get a chance to go in the finals for the Sherwood contest.  This P.M. I unwillingly had [my] picture taken with the Gaynor club and then I went and played tennis with Miss Haskel, Miss Gregg, Mr. Herman (teacher at the H S) and part of the time Mr. Snooke played in Frances’es place  Mr K and I won both sets 6-4, 7-5.  It was great sport we played on a new court over on Grant St. This evening Ralph came up  he brought Judge [his dog

Sun. May 11, 1913

I was sick in the night last night so I got up late. I was late to Church. Had only five in my  SS class today. This P.M. I went up to May’s (Tommy went to S. Haven & wont be back till tonight)  we managed the green house and all the Cemetary[sic] business. It was quite exciting. May is managing things beautifully now that her father is gone. This evening Ralph and I went to church and after church I talked very dignified and “society” like untill[sic] he pretinearly[sic] went frantic. I’m glad I’ve found a way to tease him.

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