May 5-7, 1913

Mon. May 5, 1913

Mr. Fraser died tonight! Oh it seems terrible, I can’t hardly realize it. Poor May and I love her so! He died of heart failure taken sick at 2:00 A.M. today.  I went with Ralph tonight to the joint meeting of the Kappa Pi’s and Philolexians and it was going to be a comical farce the “District School” but just before time to begin the news of Mr. Fraser’s dead[sic] came and they postponed the entertainment but had the refreshments etc. I couldn’t bare[sic] to stay however so Ralph brought me home. Oh there is so much sorrow in the world. I suppose May will move now. Oh the poor child I must go to her. 

Tues. May 6, 1913

This morning I just went to eight o’clock class and then I went up to May. Poor girl she has just held up nobly I got her away from the house and we went up to Taylor’s woods and sat down under the trees. We prayed and I read to her out of the Psalms and other books of the Bible and it truly did seem to comfort her. It’s a terrible strain she is under people just pouring up there be the hundred most. Some with no more idea what to say or do than anything. I staid[sic] with her all morning and Oh she looks at it all in such a beautiful way and yet she loved him more deeply than anyone. This P.M. I picked violets first with Esther and then Ralph and I took a bunch and picked  & picked violets I never saw so many  our house is just filled with them.

 Wed. May 7, 1913

OO. This P.M. I first took my little German teacher, Miss Von Dinsberg, out to the woods for violets then I came back with her and took Betty Stetson out there we had the grandest talk I have made her my comfident[sic] and she had confided in me.  I love her so, she is so whole hearted. We spent most of the afternoon out there studing[sic] and picking violets and apple blossoms. Oh I tell you friendships are the grandest things on this earth.

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