April 21 & 22, 1913

Mon. April 21, 1913

OO had fine luck in my classes  I didn’t get called on much.  This P.M. I studied Latin with Esther until 3:30 then Elizabeth Hay and I went over to the Normal courts and played tennis.  I won the sets  it’s the first sets we have played this year together.  6-0   6-2    6-4  6-2.  Then we went over to watch the folks playing on the Faculty court  it was President Waldo and Prof. Hickey against Miss Jones and another man. Suddenly Pres. Waldo said Miss Wight will you please take my place I have to go. You can imagine how pleased I was. I was nervous at first though so they won the first set 6-4 then we got the next set 6-4  Oh it was thrilling. There is nothing like tennis for a good time. I’m so glad that I can play well enough so that the big folks like to have me with them. Papa went to Minneapolis today to speak at a convention. 

Milham park by moonlight

Tues. April 22, 1913

OO. This was founders day and the Seniors marched in with their caps and gowns on, it was very impressive with Dr Stetson and Miss Hussey leading the procession then we formed a march with the faculty, Seniors, Juniors, Soph’s and Freshmen and friends and went out to the east side of the dormitory and planted the Ivy  I guesss it’s the first time any class has done it  Mr. Vernon delivered a speech and Elsie Kappen read a wonderful poem that she had composed. The smallpox patients gazed out of an upper window.  This P.M. studied and walked down town & back with Lela. This evening Ralph came up and we took a car and walked out to Milham Park  they were spearing frogs out there and had brilliant serch[sic] light or torches.

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