April 7-9, 1913

Mon. April 7, 1913

OO. Got my ticket from the health officier[sic] and went to classes. This P.M. I studied Latin mostly. I flunked in it again this morning  I know I wont get  through and its very discouraging  I get my lessons as well as the rest but I can’t recite them. This evening I went to Thalia practice and now its after eleven and I’ve been reading German till I’m dead tired.  

Tues. April 8, 1913

OO this P.M. I studied first latin with Helen then German with Edwina McGlannon. That took all the afternoon. Then I practiced the stunt with the Thalia girls. I guess I’m not going to sing with them. They are going to have Katherine Clark because she has a stronger voice than either May or I and the alto’s are too heavy for May and I alone. I want to drop out of it all but the girls wont let me.  This evening Mr. Parker came up and we studied then talked.  I was certainly surprised to have him want to come up after what I handed him the other night. Well ths is a queer world anyway. Ralph called up after he came and wanted me to go somewhere with him. Poor Boy  I guess it was kind of a blow to him that I wouldn’t go  Oh I wish somebody grand would come along that I could go with if I’ve got to go with someone. Mr. P is writing a story that he is going to let me read.  

Wed. April 9, 1913

OO This P.M.  I went to Thalia Club practice. I tried to get out of the Club but the girls made such a fuss that I couldn’t. Then I came home and Esther Helen and I studied. This evening I wrote a letter to Ben. Wheatley and now I’m going to bed without getting my English. I don’t think Mr. Parkers story is anything wonderful so far but he hasn’t finished it yet.

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