April 3-6, 1913

Thur. April 3, 1913

Small Pox in the college! Mr Piper came down with it in the mens dormitory yesterday. We’ve all got to be vaccinated or leave school  Oh Dear!!! This P.M. I slept a long while then went to Gaynor practice. I’ve just come home now from an executive committee meeting at Bessie Freeman’s and I’ve had a fine time. We talked over plans for the rest of the year, decided to give play commencement week and oh lots of things. Oh I hope we can go to South Haven for our Freshman-Sophmore[sic] party! “Jimmy” our president came home with me and Oh I like him lots better than I did even.  We talked far more seriously than I ever did with any boy on the first time being with them that way and it seemed so good to discuss religion and big questions so openly. He certainly has big noble thoughts and aspirations. It is a rest to be frank and friendly with a boy and not to be misunderstood.  Well goodnight diary its after 12.  

Fri. April 4, 1913

Went to school. Recited my declamation to Miss Hussey for the first time  I got along very well. This P.M. Esther and I went down to Dr. Cornell’s and got vaccinated it wasn’t a very bad operation  I don’t see why people fuss so about it.  I only hope I’m not sick. This evening we went to K.P. and I’ve decided to enter the “New Girls Contest.” Came home with Ralph.  

Sat. April 5, 1913

Went to school. Got my German note book in on time which is quite exceptional. This P.M. I worked Math then went to Thalia Club practice. Miss Hussey was there to train us. I’m kind of disgusted with it all now. I fairly got cross. This evening I studied a little while but I was so sleepy that I’ve got to go to bed.

Sun. April 6, 1913

Went to church & S.S.  I had Lela teach the boys again today.  My vaccinaton has begun to work and I am nearly frantic with the itching. This P.M. I read then Ralph and I went walking  found a camp fire in a woods so sat down by it and talked. Then we hurried to church and we only a little late  after we got home we ate lunch and then got interested in writting[sic] a speech for me to say as “Miss Perkins the Dean” in the gypsie camp.  It was lots of fun but we didn’t finish it till most 12:00 o’clock. Won’t the girls be surprised when I say it tomorrow night.

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