March 29 & 30, 1913

Hillsdale Glee Club at Otsego

Sat. March 29, 1913

Well this morning I got a long distance phone call from Edna and she asked me to come over to Otsego on a train that left in about an hour as she was going to entertain two Hillsdale fellows of the glee club. So I came and we have had lots of fun  the two boys are Mr Bach (pitcher and captain of the H. Bassball[sic] team, and forward at basket ball) and the other was Mr Katselmore. I think they are both fine   we talked and talked and played “I doubt it.”  Then we went to the concert and it was great. It was lots better than the Olivet Glee Club at Kazoo. One stunt “Il Trovadore” a take off was rare. All composed by the boys and all about soup[?] etc. Perfectly killing. Afterwards we came home and drank grape juice and ate waffers[sic]. That Mr. Bach is real jolly  I wonder if I’ll see him at the meet at Albion   I hope so. I’ve had the best time today that I’ve had for a long time.

Sun. March 30, 1913

Sunday at Edna’s! Well I slept with Edna* last night and James slept down stairs  it’s the first time since Edna was married that we have slept together.  The baby woke us up this morning  he sat bolt upright in bed and slambanged his doll against the wall for a straight 15 minutes. He is certainly the sweetest baby that ever lived, he just toddles around but doesn’t talk yet. After breakfast the fellows sang some then they went for the train. We went to church and this P.M. we took a walk out to Pine creek and Edna & James showed me a fine sight for a country home, then we came home and talked for the rest of the  day. It seems grand to think of how James is succeeding  Oh I enjoy being here so much.

*Edna is Claire’s sister.

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