March 20-23, 1913

Thur. March 20, 1913

Look out!

OO. This P.M. in the lecture on Hygiene I saw a human foenus[fetus] 5 months old  it was wonderful but it made me shudder and Oh I wish I could get the sight of it out of my mind. The lecture was fine however. I stayed to Gaynor club and this evening I went to prayer meeting.  


Fri. March 21, 1913

Well this evening Mr. Parker came up and things were so strained between us that I guess he was glad to go and I don’t think he will ever ask to come again. I feel a little bit sorry for the way I’ve acted. But still I don’t think I have treated him dishonestly. I felt cross all the evening  I don’t know why. I feel cross and disgusted now. We just wandered aimlessly about in our conversation and neither of us broached the subject we were both compeled[sic] to remember and think about. He left at 10:20 and I doubt if he will ever care to enter this house again.   


Sat. March 22, 1913

It seemed so good not to have to go to school today. This morning I practiced my declamation according to schedule and this p.m. I read in “Mill on the Floss”  It is certainly a fine book though very sad. I also played the piano quite a bit, I’m sorting out my “Etudes” trying to classify the music. James was here a while today.


Sun. March 23, 1913

Went to church and had a blessed time telling the boys about the crucifiction[sic] of Christ. I tell you there is not story in the whole bible that takes hold of them like that does.

            This P.M. I read and played it stormed terribly and I didn’t go to church tonight   the rest went and Ralph and I sat and talked. We argued evolution and progression until I was so angry that I wanted to cry to think that folks would believe such things about the people God has created. Oh it seems to worst kind of Heathenism to me.

            We planned to take a jaunt Thursday or Friday. I wonder if it will be nice weather. It has rained terrifically.

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