March 11-12, 1913

Tues. March 11, 1913

I feel crosser than a bear in spring! Everything has gone wrong. I’m back in my English papers. I’m back in my math. I’m back in my German and I can’t do my latin. I’m a lazy old goodfornothing and I don’t like anybody most especially I don’t like any boys!!  In reading my diaries I find that this is a bad day every year and I’m getting superstitious! I guess I [have] a right to grumble on the 11th of March. Only one bright spark in the whole day and that is that Prof. Bailey is sick yet and we didn’t have to recite my dearly beloved “Horace.” Esther & I were up for captain of the basketball team today and she got it. I had to call the meeting and it put me in a poor fight anyway. Oh hum I’ve got to write my Allegory! 


Girls Basket Ball game. S F 15-10

Wed. March 12, 1913

OO. This P.M. the Thalia club came up to practice and we played until five. Then I dressed and went to the gym party. We girls on the team didn’t eat with the rest but packed boxes of cake (a whole angle[sic] food cake) pickles and appels[sic] to eat after the game. The boys ran off with most of the appels[sic] but we had the rest. Well when the game was called the whole Soph. team was in shape but two of our team were sick and we had subs. in who hadn’t practiced. So I went in with practically no hopes of winning. There was a big crowd, and the cheering was great Betty Stetson lead for the Freshmen and Ruth Gillard for the Sophs. At the end of the 1st half we were ahead 6-4 but our centers lost their nerve (our regular center Lydia Balch was sick) and the Sophs had the ball most of the time so they won 15 to 10.  I was up against the best and fiercest guard in College, Pearl Hoarst. She’s a tearer[sic]. She nearly put my eyes out. She swung me around by the neck once of or twice. It was the first real game I ever was in and when they would give 9 Rahs Wight, I felt perfectly grand. There was lots of excitement.

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