March 5-7, 1913

Dedication of Gymnasium

Wed. March 5, 1913

OO. this P.M. we went over and inspected the mens dormitory and the gym  mamma and Mrs. DeWater went too. The dormitory certainly is changed from the dingy old hole it was last year. Some of the rooms were elegantly furnished some had everything labeled with funny tags such as “This bed can is only used by liars.” “If you hear a strange noise it’s the bed ticking.” In one of the rooms I saw this motto “When down in the mouth remember Jonah he came out all right.”

            Tonight we went to the reception and dedication and basket ball game had a fine time. Then we played a trick on the boys and now we feel sorry. When we got home we said goodby[sic] in a hurry and rushed in and the boys went off thinking there were a lot of fellows in here.  


Sleigh ride to Balches.

Thur. March 6, 1913

OO this P.M. went to the Hygiene lecture those lectures are certainly wonderful. Stayed a few minutes to Gaynor club then came home and got ready for the sleigh ride. It was the most conglomerous bunch I ever was in. With Prof. Smith for chaperone. We had coffee, sandwiches, apples, popcorn. I really had a good time though it was the hardest bunch to manage I ever got into. I like little Walker and Mr Chapman real well. I had lots of fun with them. It was funny when they played a joke on Ralph and spanked him good. I had lots of fun in the sleigh hay rack though I lost a rubber  I guess folks enjoyed having me along all right. Well its 12:35 so good night.  


Fri. March 7, 1913

Ooooh, Humpty! Oooh Dumpty! (that’s part of an enchore[sic] the boys glee club sings and it keeps running through my head.)  OO had fun with Mr Petit in German class and flunked in Math. This P.M. I went to Basket Ball practice and also played a little indoor tennis it seemed good to have a racket in my hands again. Stayed to regular Gymnasium class then came home ate supper and got to the College by seven for a meeting of the “Thalia” club before KP.  We discussed whether it was too late for the trip or not and then planned our program. I wonder how our enterprise will turn out anyway!! We got real enthusiastic over the program. The KP program was fine it was on grand operas with a victrola concert mixed in. It was very interesting but terribly long the boys made a racket to hurry us up. We let out at 10:45.

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