March 3-4, 1913

Mon. March 3, 1913

OO. This P.M. I played Basket Ball had a grand time. I also went across about two & ½ times on the rings in gym. Stayed for class then hurried home and dressed for Lela McDowell’s birthday supper went over and had a pleasent[sic] time. Then came home and the girls came to talk over our trip  Oh I got so excited just think in less than 20 days we are going   it seems almost impossible to believe. We are going to Grand Rapids, Pontiac, Detroit all over. Oh joy, joy, joy, Helen Crissman is going to be manager, Grace Bowen treasurer and we are going to have the proceeds. I think it will be glorious! Hurrah hear’s hopeing[sic] it will be a success.  

Tues. March 4, 1913

OO. This P.M. got my tennis racket that I had restrung. Esther  I went to circuit court and heard a trial that involved 28,000 dollars. It was very exciting I want to go all the time. It’s the first time I ever went to court. President Wilson was inaugerated[sic] today and he told Taft to “March fourth.” [court trial; President Woodrow Wilson; inauguration]

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