March 1-2, 1913

Sat. March 1, 1913

OO. This P.M. I wrote all the time on my book report I was nearly frantic at supper time  I finished it about 8:00 o’clock and went over to the Ladies Hall with it. Then I went up and studied latin with Vern Scudder and Lydia Beautouph. I’m never going over to the Hall on Saturday night again because that’s one of the nights the boys can come and its awfully funny you run into couples everywhere. First I saw some in the reception room through the windows, then I came bang crash into a couple in Miss Hussey’s parlor. Then I sneaked down the back stairs to telephone and there were two in the dinning[sic] room. When I can[sic] down to come home there were two sitting in the front hall. I think it’s a shame the girls can’t have little parlors for them.  

Sun. March 2, 1913

Bad day. Snow storm four in S.S. class. This P.M. I slept. This evening Ralph and I didn’t go to church we stayed home. Did nothing but talk. I absolutely think he’s a bore. I’m going to tell him I wont go with him any more. Goodnight

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