Feb. 27-28, 1913

Thur. Feb. 27, 1913

OO. This P.M. I went to Hygiene class and the girls had a lecture on “Woman” by Mrs. Dr. Ellsworth. She had a real skeleton there and the lecture was wonderful. I heard things I never dreamed of and I believe this course of lectures will be worth more than my whole college course. This evening I went to Prayer meeting. I guess we girls are really going to make the trip. I’m so excited about it that I can scarcely think of other things. Three more duties fell on me today  1st a Debate in class next Thursday. 2nd on a committee for a gym party. 3rd a speech on Gounod for KP.  

Fri. Feb. 28, 1913

OO. This P.M. I went to Basket Ball practice at 2:00 o’clock and had a fine time. The game was good and when she let Esther and I play forwards together we ran up a score of 18 to 2 in ten minutes or less. When I had Pearl Hoarst for guard I could scarcely do anything she is such a good player. Then Helen and I skipped regular gym class and came home and practiced for tonight. We prepared “Absent” and “Melody of love” for an encore  we played without the piano and it certainly was the most beautiful music we ever made on our mandolins. This evening we played at the Sherwood’s meeting first. And they just sat there breathless they liked it so well. And we never played better you could just feel the music and they clapped and clapped. It was the biggest success we’ve had at the college. Also played at Kappa Pi afterwards but didn’t enjoy that.

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