Feb. 24-26, 1913

 Mon. Feb. 24, 1913

Went to school. This P.M. I studied then went to gymnasium. She wont let Esther and I play basket[ball] on the same side because we play so well together that it makes it one sided. Oh it’s disgusting for we like to play together. This evening I studied.  

Tues. Feb. 25, 1913

Went to school. This morning in open Forum a man gave a fine lecture on Prohibition. Also there was a trope[sic] of colored singers there representing a normal school in Alabama and I never heard such funny music. This P.M. I studied and went down town with Esther. This evening I finished reading Vanity Fair. Oh I’m tired its twenty minutes of one.

Wed. Feb. 26, 1913

Guess what happened! I can’t believe it and Oh I’m so happy!! Why I have been asked to go on a double quartet that will represent the college and make a trip like the boys glee club  Oh! Oh! maby[sic] we’ll go to Detroit and all over. I don’t know why on earth they should ask me  its because they want the mandolin and they think I can sing. It’s mostly all older girls that are going. Here are some of the names, Frances Clark, Helen Grant, Mary Barnett, Grace Bowen, Lucile Owen for violin, Helen Crissman for reader and I for the mandolin and double quartet  I don’t know who else  Oh I am just crazy to go. This P.M. I rushed down town and got some mandolin music which proved to be no good. Helen and I have to play for Kappa Pi and also for the Sherwoods Friday night. Oh how I dread it. This evening we had company for supper and nut ice cream. Then I went to the Basket Ball game with K.C. and B.C. (Y.M.C.A.) we won 49 to 7. It wasn’t very exciting. Afterward we took a walk out through the snow. He asked me for my picture I don’t know whether to let him have one or not I think its rather foolish.

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