Fri., Feb. 21, 1913

Washington Banquet.

OO this P.M. I went down town with mamma and got some black velvet slippers with pompoms on them. We couldn’t afford long white kid gloves so I bought some silk ones. Got my hair dressed at Vorencamp’s because they were too busy at Madam Cooke’s. Hurried home and got ready  I wore my yellow silk dress that is trimed[sic] with hand embroidery, fringe, and rose buds and I wore my new party cap that is lined with the yellow silk under lace with pink rose cluster at the side.  The carriage came about 7:15 and we went down. There has been the awfullest ice storm   why when Ralph and I got out of the carriage after the Banquet we could hardly walk and had to come up the back drive instead of the front steps. The limbs of the trees were so weighted down that Ralph had to hold them up for me to go under them. Well the Banquet was at the New Burdick Hotel and it was fine. It was much grander than last year. We went in and up to the dressing rooms and in the girls room we had a maid to help us   beautiful velvet carpets & Brass beds etc. Then we went out and I had to stand in the Receiving line with Ralph it was a hard task because I never was in a receiving line before but I lived through it somehow. Then we went in to the Banquet Hall with the orchestra playing. I sat next to Ralph and Mr. Bowen the father of the toastmistress of the evening. Mr & Mrs. Bowen had just returned from a trip in the South through Georgia, Cuba etc. He was very entertaining and I enjoyed talking with him very much  He is a very important man & has managed several Banquets in that very Hall. The Banquet for President Taft was in that room and he helped manage that one. Well the “eats” were fine  There were 7 or 8 courses and in the first mixture we had real fresh strawberries!! I didn’t like the lobsters & one or two other things but I certainly had a plenty to eat. There were immaculate colored waiters in uniform all numbered that waited on us and things went like clock work with a head waiter & his assistant to boss things. Ralph sent an elegant boquet[sic] of pale pink rose buds & maiden hair ferns but I couldn’t wear them because the rest didn’t as we [buttoned?] it down so I left them in the dressing room much to my regret. The speeches were some good and some tiresome, Grace Bowen certainly did beautifully. I just love her. She seems so pure and noble. The tableau’s were fine. The gowns were wonderful some of them. They were regular creations. But I didn’t like Esthers very well. Oh my its 2:00 A.M. and I’m too tired to write any more. Good night diary.

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