Thurs., Feb. 20, 1913

OO This P.M. every class in college has a class prayer meeting because Sunday is the “Day of Prayer for Colleges” So I went to the Freshman meeting and it was fine [it] was an inspiration and I was so happy and pleased to see the fine material in our class.  The real Christians in our class. There were more boys than girls there and they actually took a bigger part than the girls in the meeting. They prayed and testified and I fairly wanted to cry when Jimmy testified it was so serious and stirring. This evening I went to prayer meeting and left early and Ralph took me to the Basket Ball game between Kazoo and Battle C. training school it was one of the finest games I ever saw if not the best. We had it 13-13 first half and in the second it was 19-19 then they won 27-21  my but it was a close game. After the game I was so excited that we walked & walked.

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