Feb. 15-16, 1913

Olivet Basketball game.

Sat. Feb. 15, 1913

OO. It was kind of hard to get up this morning but I did and got to class on time. This P.M. “Betty” Stetson  Helen & I went to the basketball game together it was a great game although K.C. got beaten 25 to 15.  I sat or stood there and simple[sic] shrieked and we pounded each other and went through the whole performance. Zedyke played the whole game for Kazoo and I like him. Ralph & Esther & Mr. Bates came with us so I came home with Ralph. This evening I went to Kappa Pi and we had a very poor meeting and Dr. Balch was critic. Then after KP Ralph brought Elizabeth and I home over here to Jacksons and Elizabeth made tomato-soup, wafers and apples. We had lots of fun and we thought Ralph had put out the fire but its going fine now. Elizabeth is a dear good girl. 

Sun. Feb. 16, 1913

Well we got up and I hurried over to the Church and there was Miss Ellett, Nellie Randolph, Mr. & Mrs. Redman. Oh I was happy. I accompanied Miss E. on “Hold thou my hand” and it was so nice to have her here it made me feel so like the good times at Allegan. I had 14 in my class today and Mr. Redman talked to them. This P.M. Miss Ellett sang & sang and I played and played. Oh I love music  I so wish I had some of those songs and could sing them. There were 17 here at one time this P.M. Neighbors coming in. This evening Ralph and I went to church I sat in the choir tonight & Helen & I played for Miss Ellett again. My E. string broke naturally. We took the folks to the train. I hated to have them go.  Ralph and I got real serious tonight in our talk  I never talked to him so seriously in my whole life. I tried, on request to explain to him my ideal man  oh it was hard to put it in the right words. He asked me if I ever expected to find a man like that. I said a girl hates to think her ideal isn’t real. He asked if any of [the] college boys came anywhere near it and I said no not one. He said he was afraid I would be disappointed. I told him I never expected to marry so that I can always keep the same high ideal and it won’t hurt me any. He said all girls weren’t planning that way or something like that. I cried a little after he went, just because I’m so tired and was under such a strain. Ralph is a fine boy but I don’t think I care for him at all.

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