Governors’ Meeting and the Asylum

[Post for Nov. 28-29, 1911]

Tues. Nov. 28, 1911
Went to school. This afternoon I went down to meet Bernice Hoadley she came all right. Then we took the car and went right up to the Normal school because I wanted her to see a gym class, but they had just finished a Thanksgiving program in the gym, so they had no classes. We met Nina and she took us all through the Normal then we came home and had supper.  After supper we all went to Athenaeides meeting and had a fine time. After the meeting a lot of us went over and watched the boys play basket ball. They were just practicing but they did well and it was quite exciting. Then we came home & went to bed.


Western State Normal School as it would have looked when Claire visited it on Nov. 28, 1911.


Wed. Nov. 29, 1911
Well Bernice went to visit school with me, and the governers[sic] were here in town ten governers from Western states and Gov. Osborn of our state  we had the two governers one from Montana and one from Wyoming speak to us and the one from Wyoming gave a fine talk. They have women sufferage[sic] there you know and they got off lots of jokes about it. Then they dismissed school for the morning and a bunch of us went down to see their special exhibition cars they were just wonderful with their fruits and grains etc. I never saw anything like it in my whole life. Well we got home for dinner then hurried back down town to shop. I showed her a few of the stores then we went to Mrs Bruens and she & Vera went with us out to the asylum. Mrs. B. knew a nurse out there who took us all through. We went into some of the most [violent?] wards among the women and they certainly do queer things. It gave you kind of a quakeing[sic] feeling once in a while. Mrs. B came up to supper and Edna and those dear babies came up from Otsego. In the evening Bernice & I went to the mission with the folks.


Female Department of the Kalamazoo Insane Asylum, ca. 1910

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