Physics Problems

[Post for Nov. 8-10, 1911]

Wed. Nov. 8, 1911
This was papa’s & mamma’s wedding anniversary so we had a chicken dinner & the hand painted China. The Weaver’s are hear[sic] also. My I just love Mrs. Weaver!! I hate to have them go in the morning!! I had to hurry back to Lab this afternoon to make up the experiment I missed last week. We had the Rate of a Pendulum to do and it was awfully hard and tegious[sic]! When I got home I studied until evening. Then we all went to the Mission. They had advertised the meeting well and it was crowded!! Papa spoke just splendidly and Prof. Weaver sang a wonderful piece. they also sang a duet. There were three came forward tonight!! Papa certainly speaks with power on the book of Rev.


Thurs. Nov. 9, 1911
Went to school. This afternoon Vera & I went down town and had a lot of fun looking around. I bought a pair of “dog skin” gloves and also a collar that I got at a sale for the wonderful price of 10¢.  I hunted for the right thing in music but couldn’t find it. When we got home we studied till Miss Hay came over for me to go walking then Vera went home and we went for a walk. Elizabeth certainly is a dear!! This evening Vera came back and we worked Physics problems till about 10 or 10:30 then I went to bed. Yesterday the little Reefsnider boy was hit by a street car and he hasn’t returned to conscienceness[sic] yet!


Fri. Nov. 10, 1911
Went to school and got along just fine! Rosamond and I got 90 on our Latin paper. Came to Allegan this noon  rode over with Cleo Griffith she is going to business college in Kazoo.  I think I would like to learn Stynography[sic]. Took the hack down from the depot then studied until Bernice and Verna came from school  went to a Mrs. Nashes then we met Sarah Hare & all of us went up the south side to Verna’s grandmother’s. Then I ran over to Bernice Wilcoxes for a few minutes. After supper I went to the train with Bernice Hoadley  I told her a few things very veheminenlty[sic] about somebody. Then I went to Prayer meeting.

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