Unwanted gossip

[Post for Oct. 9-11, 1911]

Mon. Oct. 9, 1911
I didn’t get up in time to take the hack so mamma & papa went on with the suit cases and mind you I had packed my belt & tie and such a time as I had! I had to hurry up to the depot and finish dressing on the train. There was a man handcuffed to the Sheriff that got on our train! Was late to school this morning I took so long eating breakfast at the Empire! Had Physics lab again this afternoon. After school instead of going to a committee meeting I played tennis with May  we had a grand time. I won every set. Tommy umpired a while. This evening I studied.


Tues. Oct. 10, 1911
This morning was pretty full at school. We had Athaletic[sic] chapel at school and had the yells and songs! Then I made up the History and Physics I missed and also tried to plan the Athenaeides program for next week. It’s a job to keep up with it.  This afternoon Vera & I studied and practiced for tonight.

This evening we went to the B.Y.P.U. business meeting at Grace Muirs on Rose St. They have a beautiful home, cut glass, silver, candles, mirrors, all very beautiful. We got along finally with our duets. Better than we ever did in practice. We played “A choice four hand selection” I’ve forgotten the name, then for the enchore[sic] we played “The Glass Man.” Mary Ware said that she had been sewing at Little’s and they told her that I went with Donald right along, that he never went riding in his auto but what I went with him and a lot more trash. Oh that makes me simply furious  I certainly hate him.


Wed. Oct. 11, 1911
My this had been a fine day!! Went to school and had luck in all my classes.

But the best thing has been playing singles with Miss Gregg!! Just think my I never had such fun in my life. Of course she won but not so badly as I thought she might. She won 6-3, 6-4, 6-2 then I had the games 3-1 when we stopped. Then Tommy and I played against Miss Gregg and Mr Fitzgerald  we won 6-3. My sakes Tommy was so tired from the tug of war that he could hardly stand up.

We saw the tug of war between the freshmen & Sophmores[sic]. 12 on a side. They pulled the Freshmen we through the lake and had a complet[e] victory. Those boys sliped[sic] and rolled all the way across the lake but they we[re] plucky. I never saw such a rediculously[sic] funny thing in my life. Tommy was the first one on the Sophmore[sic] side.

This evening we went down to the mission it was fine.

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