Remembering the twins.

[Posts for Sept. 2-3, 1911]

Sat. Sept. 2, 1911
Gene and Mrs. Waite went to Praierriville[sic] to see Bestors today so Aunt Emma and I were alone. We had a lovely day. We talked and talked this morning about lots of things. Aunt Emma told me about how she was alone with mamma when the twins were born. Just think they would have been eleven years old if they had lived. I never had dared to speak to mamma about them. This afternoon I finished “The Wood Carver of Lympus” it is sort of sad  oh why did he have to die and why wouldn’t Twiddie forgive her father?

Then I embroidiered[sic] on mamma’s center piece and we played a game of Shakespeare.  I do so dread to have school begin so soon still if I couldn’t go I would feel terrible!!


Sun. Sept. 3, 1911
Well I spoke my piece and got through without any terrible catastrophy[sic]  My I wish I didn’t mind speaking in public!! Oh how scared I was. This afternoon Nina Jacobs came up   Oh what a dear she is!!! I showed her 275 and she likes it real well   my I would give anything most if they would move there  just think to have Nina right next door. I guess she is as enthusiastic over it as I am. Vera came over also and we three girls had a lovely time togather[sic]. Then we went down to B.Y.P.U. and Donna that half witted girl asked if she could go in with us   of course she did and what a funny time we had!! Oh she says such perfectly killing things.

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