Papa makes it all so clear.

[Posts for Aug. 27 and 30, 1911]

Sun. Aug. 27, 1911
This morning we all went to the First Baptist and heard Mr. Bulluck preach  it was a fine sermon! Went in Miss Farley’s class again in S.S.   This afternoon Ruth Martin, Vera and I took a basket of fruit and went walking  we walked between 6 and 7 miles, walked out North West St. [today it’s Westnedge Avenue] for 3 or 4 miles and came on another rode[sic] over to Douglas Ave and meet[sic] a sign post that said 3-1/4 miles to Kalamazoo  We ate all the fruit all right and got home about 6:45. Oh my watch is a comfort. This evening Papa and I played the guitar and mandolin and sang all the old songs we had a lovely time played for about 2 hrs.

Wed. Aug. 30, 1911
This morning I won both sets of tennis and that makes us just even. Hurrah!! Then mamma and I went down town and I bought a new dark blue felt hat  it is real pretty. Then we shopped for the rest of the morning  I had an appointment with Madamne[sic] Cooke at 1:30 and I had some work done on my face by electrolosis[sic]  it was real exciting. She certainly has beautiful parlors!! Then I bought some music and candy, got a pineapple ice and came home. Then I played tennis with Edmund Read  beat him 3 or 4 sets, and also watched a fine game between Mr. Haines and another man I don’t know. This evening we went to the mission  Oh it was wonderfully grand!! Papa makes it all so clear.

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