Father-Daughter Talk

[Post for Aug 24-26, 1911]

Thur. Aug. 24, 1911
This has been an unusual day in family life  I don’t think I better tell it all here. It has rained most all day but I have appreciated a quiet home day! I have read and played the piano or mandolin most all day.  Tonight Papa and I had a long talk about things and I feel that we understand things and each other better than we ever did before. I allways[sic] felt that he disapproved when he found me idly reading and never doing many things about the house but he understands that I don’t have the chance to learn that I could have if there were fewer to do the work! And oh he believes in me!! He believes that when responsibilities come that I will meet them and he expects me to succeed. And I don’t intend to ever fail him. I will prove to him that I do amount to something.


Fri. Aug. 25, 1911
This morning papa & I played tennis until about 9:20. We are now even on sets and left a set to be finished that was 7-7. Oh it was great! Mr. Grabber watched us a while you know he is the whistler up at the college. He will be a Senior [at] college next year. Then Edmund Read (just think that little boy) came to play with me by appointment and I beat him 6-2, 6-0   it quite upset him to have me beat! Then he & I played doubles with David Hershfield and the Desenburg boy. We had a pile of fun. We won the sets 6-3, 6-0, 6-2. Then it was most noon & I was so tired I came home. This afternoon I read & made candy. We had a grate fire tonight and it seemed so nice.


Claire frequented the tennis courts at Western State Normal School (today Western Michigan University). Postcard, ca. 1912.

Sat. Aug. 26, 1911
Well I’ve gone and done it! But this is absolutely the last time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Donald Little called me up and asked me if I would go over to Plainwell with him in the auto this morning. I told him no I had an appointment for tennis. Then Papa & I went and played until nine. D.L. saw us returning and called up  I made all sorts of excuses but all failed so I said I would go if mamma could go too. He said all right and we went. Miss Hawley was in the back seat with mamma going over. She lives in Plainwell and is very nice. We got home in time for dinner. It was a beautiful trip and scenery. This afternoon papa and I played tennis he is two sets ahead. We got some new balls today.

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