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[Posts for August 8-11, 1911]

Tues. Aug. 8, 1911

The rollercoaster at Oakwood Park in Kalamazoo, 1907

The rollercoaster at Oakwood Park in Kalamazoo, 1907

A busy, jolly day!! This morning right after breakfast Papa, Mr. Redman and I went swimming out to White’s Lake  Oh it was great! The water was fine. I can stay under the water longer than Mr. Redman and can swim a short distance without the use of one arm. My how I love swimming. Then we came home and I dried my hair then watched papa & Mr. R. play “Rusty” and George Edmonson. In the afternoon we fooled around then played tennis  papa won the set 8-6 now I must get the next one. Then we played doubles. We all went out to Oakwood and Vera went with us. Mr. R. and V and I went on the roller coaster. We watched them roller skate also. The moon is beautiful tonight.


Wed. Aug. 9, 1911
This morning Mr. R. and I got up early and took a walk up around Grand Ave. I took a picture of him then came home and took one of mamma and Mrs. Redman.


Fri. Aug. 11, 1911
I got up late this morning then read and ironed all morning. This afternoon Aunt Emma and I went down to the Kodak Exibition[sic] and demonstration and enjoyed it. Also went to the library and got the next book of the series “Betty Wales Junior”  This evening I have laid up here reading it until now its most eleven. I just think it would be grand to be loved and liked by lots of people the way Betty was. Arn’t[sic] books lovely things because you can make the characters have whatever you want and have such nice things happen and yet have it seem real. I just love college books.

Eastman Kodak Company representatives were in Kalamazoo from August 8-12 and gave demonstrations and lessons on the latest innovations in “Kodakery” (taking and developing pictures). It was sponsored by George McDonald Drugs and held at the Elk’s Lodge.


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