My eighteenth birthday!!

[Post for Aug. 5-6, 1911]

Sat. Aug. 5, 1911
This morning we all went out swimming at White’s Lake. My but we had a picnic!! You ought to see Mamma and Mrs. Redman come down the tabogan[sic] they make quite a team. I jumped into water over my head this morning   we staid[sic] in the water about an hour then rode up to the car line in a covered sort of carry-all  Had a pile of fun. Then Mrs. R and I went on down town and took a ride to the end of the Portage line  came back and I got some kodak supplies at Siewarts. In the afternoon we folks went down and I picked out my watch.


White Lake in Kalamazoo featured a toboggan slide which is visible on the right in this postcard from about 1912.


Sun. Aug. 6, 1911

This ladies’ gold pocket watch from the Museum’s collection, has a similar style to the one Claire received on her 18th birthday.

My eighteenth birthday!! Think of that why I can’t realize I’m that old. I always thought I would be grown up and dignified when I was eighteen  It certainly seems like a red letter day. [she is writing with red ink on this day] Mamma & Papa gave me the most beautiful little gold watch you ever saw. It is open face fifteen jewel Elgin watch and Oh how happy I am with it. It is such a comfort and so pretty. They let me help pick it out yesterday and I had a dreadful time deciding between this one and a hunter case one that was a beaty[sic] too. But papa thought this one would be more convenient and the jeweler said he sold 9 of these to 3 of the hunter cases so I got this one. And Aunt Emma and Gene gave me the prettiest pin in town to go with it  It’s solid gold with three little frosted leaves on it  Oh but its pretty. Mr & Mrs. Redman gave me a bottle of helitrope perfume that is very fine!  And Edna and James gave me some money for a hand bag or purse but I think I’ll take part of the money and get a new fountain pen for I can’t get along without one since I lost my other one. Vera gave me the nicest Photograph album it’s just what I wanted. Oh I am so happy. I hope this next year will be a profitable one and I hope I shall grow to be a lovely woman.

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