[Post for July 20-22, 1911]

Thur. July 20, 1911
Edna hasn’t been well today so we done most of the work. I sewed on my dress today and have the skirt partly done. This evening Harry Johnson and Will came up and they played a couple sets against James and I and we got the first set 6-2  they won the second 7-5 then Harry went back to the store and Will and I played a couple of games of Bunco then he had to go home and take care of his grandfather so his mother could go down town. Then I embrodiered[sic].


Fri. July 21, 1911
Edna has been sick today so I have done the work. It was quite an experience getting dinner but everything turned out just fine. I wrote a couple of letters today one to Miss Hay and one to Delia Pope. I received one from Bernice Hoadley containing the post card picture she took of us girls at the house party. It’s a fine picture. This evening Will and Harry came up to play tennis and They beat James and I a set then Will and I beat Harry and James a set 6-3 then we won 3-2 and stopped playing. My but we had a picnic playing tonight! Then Will asked me to go down town with him so I did and we went to both of the moving pictures places they were five tonight! got back about 10:00


Sat. July 22, 1911
This morning I swept my room and sprinkled then sewed. In the afternoon I read then mamma came and we talked. We took the evening train for Allegan and Mr Hoffman and Mr. Gordon were on the train and offered to carry our suitcases for us if we would walk instead of ride so we did. Mr. H. was carrying mine and said if his was ever as light as mine he wouldn’t mind carrying it. Mamma said “Oh that contains just vanity.” I said “Oh no! my diary is in there and that is very weaghty[sic] then Mr. H. said “then I suppose if I should drop this suitcase I would break your record!” now wasn’t that pretty witty  I thought that as long as it was about this dear old book I would put it in.

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