Claire & Will “Bill”

[Post of July 10-11, 1911]

Mon. July 10, 1911
Got up early for the train  got lost on the way to the depot trying to save time by a cut and so had to hurry for the train. Talked fast to Mamma and papa on the train till I got to Otsego then I met Florence Wood and Tony Higgins at the train and walked down with them. I like Mr. Higgins pretty well  Today I worked a little on my dress and rested and slept most of the afternoon.  This evening Will Merritt came up to play tennis with me and we had a pile of fun  I won the first set 6-1 and we didn’t finish the second. Then we talked and walked. He asked if he might call me Claire and I said yes if I could call him Bill  that seemed to please him  I rode his bicycle up to the corner and back  Oh it was fun. He asked if he might come up tomorrow night and stay some more and as the poor boy has no other amusement I said yes.

The Elite Theater in Kalamazoo on South Burdick Street

Tues. July 11, 1911
I did the housework today and caned[sic] some string bean pickles, while Edna worked on my dress   we are getting along just fine with it. This evening John Linsey, Harry Johnson and Will Merritt all came up to play tennis  my but I had a fine time. I like John real well  he is a fine player.  One of the two best in the C.H.S.  W four were playing and Will was umpireing[sic] when he found the opportunity and asked me to go down town with him after the game. I said I would so he went home to get ready. When we four finished the set we went up on the porch and sat down and Will came back the boys caught on that somthing[sic] was up so after a few minutes they very gentlemanly went home. Then I hurried!! and got ready  we went to the “Elite” moving pictures and they were very good then we went to the Eaton ice cream parlor and got a chocolate sundae each. Will Introduced me to Mr Eaton the best tennis player in the C.H.S. and he certainly is a fine looking boy. I wish he would come up here some night for a game. We got home about ten oclock and after talking a few minutes he went  he said he was a “Christian Scientice[sic]” and asked me what I am  I told him, he said he had to go to church tomorrow night and asked if he could come up Thursday night. I wonder if he isn’t coming too often for proprietus[sic] sake. I guess I better hatch up an excuse next time.

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