All about boys…

[Post of July 7-8, 1911]

Fri. July 7, 1911
I didn’t do anything special this morning and this afternoon I slept and read  I forgot that this morning I took Reta & Ardith down town  I bought the groceries and some chocolate. In the evening we had hardly finished supper when Mr Merritt was here to play tennis  we finished the set of the evening before and I won!! 7:5  isn’t that grand then Mr. M. & I won from James 6-1. After tennis Mr. M. and I went over in the neighbors swing and pomped. to keep the mosquitoes away we had fun but most broke the swing  Then we took a long walk around different places.  We got lots better acquainted tonight and I like him better he isn’t a bit silly or slushy that’s what I can’t [stand] in a boy. Mr M. wears a gold medle[sic] on his watch fob and he got it for being the best all around athalete[sic] in the County. He plays football and runs the ¼ mile and all such things. We talked about everything and I told him some things about my houseparty and Verna. He said he wanted to bring some girls up some night next week so I could meet a good bunch. I think its nice of him to think of it.


Sat. July 8, 1911
This morning mamma came on the train and staid[sic] over until the afternoon train  I got a letter from Delia Pope today all about Mr. Wheatley  my it was a dandy letter and it set me all agog about Mr. W. again. Came down to Verna’s on the afternoon train and we did some shopping then cam[sic] home. We played songs and I read my letter to Verna. In the evening we printed the pictures that were taken at the house party the one with the pop bottles are is fine the others arn’t[sic] so good. We talked until after midnight tonight all about boys and silly stuff. I raved particularly about Mr. Wheatley Ha! Ha!!!!

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