4th of July fun & silliness

[Post for July 4-5, 1911]

Tues. July 4, 1911

Telephone exchanges (calls) were answered on a switchboard like this one in Fulton, Michigan, 1908

Got up and took the morning train for Allegan then went up (wrote this by moonlight don’t think I’m crazy) to Landon’s and we four took the 11:30 train for Hamilton  my we had fun. Got here at noon  were meet[sic] at the train by Bernice and her sister Helen  we went up to her house and had dinner then Mr Hoadley took us all in the auto to Bentheime to a dutch celebration Oh! we had a pile of fun!! Stuck some gum on Ed Walters music rack Ha! Ha! he is the curly headed fellow with the red necktie who plays in the Band. We had our pictures taken drinking pop also took a picture of the Band. Ate lots of stuff  came home about supper time  after supper played croquet and wrote our wonderful prophecies  I wonder if we will be what we expect to be   won’t it be thrilling ten years from now  Then when we had that written we went upstairs to bed and talked untill[sic] about 11:30 sitting around in our nightgowns. My it was so hot that I couldn’t sleep and laid around first on the floor and bed and finely fell asleep toward morning.


Wed. July 5, 1911
Well we got up about 7 and after breakfast Verna and I had the most exciting time trying to manage the telephone exchange  we made some pretty comical mistakes but Bernice said we learned real fast. Then we played & sang and wrote some more of our copies until dinner time  right after dinner Mr. Hoadley took us out to Sink Lake to go in swimming  Oh it was great! The Lake is as sandy as the shore of Lake Michigan and it was an ideal place  we were in the watter[sic] for about 1-1/2 hrs. I was the only one who could swim however. When we came home we all six of us came running into the house some of us with hair strimming[sic] down our backs and all talking to who ever would hear about our good time and I being first was the first to stumble come upon Mr Groder, Bernice’s music teacher he is only 18 a perfect wonder with music  he is a professor already and was a concert player with headquarters in Chicago until his health broke down. After one horrified look and a hasty introduction we all rushed upstairs and he gave Bernice her lesson  when he finished he played for us Phyllis, Florence & I being the only ones down there  when he stopped much to our dissapointment[sic], he sat down to talk and P. wouldn’t say anything and F. not much so I had to do most of the entertaining. Finally he went much to my releaf[sic] and Phyllis Helen & I went down town  we sent a post card to mamma and while exploring some stores bought some carmels and chocolates then some orange ade.  Got back played a couple of games of croquet  Bernice won one I the other then ate supper and dressed for the evening there were 5 boy’s coming one called up and said he was going out of town. Florence and I ran off for a walk before they came and thought we would wait and not come back until after they had come so we walked up the road about ½ mile  we made a  rather amusing call on a couple of old Dutch folks, trying to find a certain house and it tickled me half to pieces to hear Florence try to talk Dutch at them. When we got back two of the boys had come

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