Enjoying the Kalamazoo River

 [Post of June 10, 1911]

Sat. June 10, 1911

Claire’s middy suit probably looked much like the one worn by this young lady

Got up about nine o’clock  my but it was hot last night and its so hot today. I ironed my two white skirts this morning and did some other things. In the afternoon mamma and I came to Allegan  oh the train was stifling hot  we took the bus to the church  some of the girls were already there for the picnic then we came over to Reeses and I put on my middy suit then all the girls came and we went down in Genners reveen[sic]  it is beautiful there   I took two pictures of the bunch  I hope they are good. We had a fine picnic lunch and found an enormous mud turtle  we went in wadeing[sic] also. Then in the evening Papa, Mamma and I went boat riding on the River Oh it is perfectly beautiful up the river  there is a perfect labarinth[sic] of islands and channels and it is hard to find the right path  I rowed all the way up  we went a mile and a half or two miles Then turned around and started to float down stream and the river was as smooth as glass with the moon rising over the trees when suddenly[sic] I noticed a dark cloud and the awfullest wind storm struck us  I could hardly move the oars or boat  we pulled for the shored and clung to a tree that hung out over the water  the white caps just rolled and the waves were great. Then Papa took the oars & after the wind went down a little we came back.

The Kalamazoo River as it may have looked to Claire; from a postcard, 1907.

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