Gull Lake, Tennis & Strawberry Shortcake

[Post of June 7-9, 1911]

Wed. June 7, 1911

Idlewild Resort at Gull Lake, 1910

Went to school! In the afternoon I got ready and played tennis with Miss Hay  I won 6-0 and had the games 6-5 in the second set when she stopped because she was so tired. Mr. Johnson asked me if I would play a set with him so I did and I won 6-1  he has a grand curve swift serve but otherwise he isn’t an expert!! I hurried home and was ready at 4:30 with a fine lunch packed. Donald came with the auto and low and behold he had brought a lunch too  My! we three couldn’t begin to eat all we had taken out. We got his Aunt, Miss Little, and then motered[sic] out to the lake  Oh it is the grandest ride and we went like the wind. They have a grand big cottage at Idlewild and the lake was beautiful today and the sunset too. Gull Lake is certainly the nicest lake in Southern Michigan  there are such beautiful places around it. Well he painted the floor Ha! Ha! and we ate our feast and came home. Oh how we flew coming home, the roads are just perfect. We made it in about 40 minutes. I like his aunt very much. But I still don’t like him and I think I’ve given him a fair trial now so I guess I will stop going with him. Farewell Donald and your auto and your cottage and your boat, Adieu!! 


Thur. June 8, 1911

Went to school, just think only one more day of study!! Well I spoiled my record today with Miss Hay  she beat me a set 8-6 that is the first and I hope the only set she will ever win! My but I was furious!! You see I had gotten too confident and I ran to[o] many risks after she won I settled down to business and got a set 6-1. Mr. Haines showed me a couple of grand new strokes today  if I can get them it will be great!!  One is a serve and the other a back handed return. I played a set with him and he won 6-4   he is one of the finest players I ever played with  Then I went to orchestra practice  we play for the graduation. Then just think Miss Gregg asked me to play tennis with her and Rodney Puffer (the graduate of the college who represented the college in tennis for several years) and Mr Hickie (a professor at the Normal who is a great player) she asked me to play in Miss Jones place for Miss J. couldn’t play today as she had expected to. My but I felt honored. I played with Mr Hickie against the other two. They got the first 6-2 We got the 2nd 6-2 They got the 3rd 6-1


Fri. June 9, 1911

Went to school for the last recitations this term  I got out of my exams so all I have to do is go back next Friday for my card. I got the Senior Delphian today  that story of 2011 is certainly a joke. The picture of the orchestra is in it Ha! Ha! in the afternoon I went at 1:45 to play tennis with Miss Hay  it was the hottest[sic] day we’ve had this year the  thermometer was 98  the sun was just scortching[sic] hot  I won the first set 6-4 and won the 2nd 6-1. She plays Hillsdale in the morning  Tommy wanted me to bet a straw berry shortcake against 2 ice cream cones that he would win in the Freshmen-junior base ball  game so I did and he treated me to a Sundae because he was afraid I would lose. May and I went to the game and the Freshmen won 6-4 so I lost and have got to make the short cake  Tommy pitched for the Freshmen of the college. In the evening Vera & I went down to Ruth Martins for a few minutes then Vera came over here and we entertained the folks by a recital  Vera plays at Miss Cobbs recital tomorrow afternoon  she has some beautiful pieces  a Madrigal by Theodore Lack and a Polish dance by—–.

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