“Wonderfully grand day”

[Post of June 2-6, 1911]

Fri. June 2, 1911

This has been a perfectly wonderfully grand day I can’t begin to tell it all here!! Well we took the 6:38 and got to Albion about 8:00 o’clock. When we got off at Albion there were two young men there to meet us  Miss Hay walked with Mr. Griffin and I went with Mr. Peas. When we got to the campus we registered and they assigned us our room and boarding place. Then the boys took us to the house and we were meet[sic] by girls. We have the very grandest darlingest room you ever saw. It is a great big rom[sic] with two large bay windows in it  there is a fine piano and lots of music here and dozens of pennants and pictures on the walls and pansies on the center table   it belongs to Susie Wells who graduates this year from the conservatory of music here. She is just awfully sweet and pretty  she is rooming with one of the other girls in the house tonight. This is the Patterson House and when ever anyone asks us where we are staying and we say the “Patterson” they tell us it’s one of the very nicest places in town. There is certainly a nice set of girls here and they are just grand to us.

Claire and her tennis companions rode the train to Albion. This is a modern view of the depot which was built in 1882.

Well to get back to “facts of events”  we got right into our middy suits because a missage[sic] came that she was to play Olivet in semi-final at 9:30  The girls in the house said they were going to cheer for Kazoo so we set off in a body for the tennis courts in the athaletic[sic] fields. The other players were already there and a crowd was gathering so soon the game began. I was lineman for Kazoo so wasn’t allowed to speak to Miss Hay except between games. Miss Foster the expert Olivet player had sprained her wrist the day before so she wasn’t here and her substitute though a fairly good player was beaten by Miss Hay 6-3, 6-0  Oh but we w ere happy  now Miss Hay can go in the finals!! Isn’t that grand  Then we watch the ladies doubles between Albion and Hillsdale for most of the first set then went home to dress for dinner. We missed the semi-final Ball game this morning which Albion won 3-2 gaining the deciding point in the tenth inning. Miss Hay and I were given complimentary tickets for the whole meet which takes us into the ground and grandstand anytime we want to go. Others have to pay everytime. It  began to rain about dinner time so Miss Hay don’t play her finals untill[sic]  tomorrow morning for they couldn’t finish the semi-final in doubles until late this afternoon when Albion won.


Sun. June 4, 1911

My how it stormed last night thundered and lightnining[sic] all the while I was awake so much of the  time that I didn’t wake up until about 10:00 this morning. I have just layed[sic] around all day. Vera came over in the afternoon and we made candy and played duets. Mrs Perry was over a while. I am reading ‘Joyce of the North Woods.’


Tues. June 6, 1911

Went to school. Rosamond and I got our Latin togather[sic] this morning. In the afternoon I ironed and Rosamond  brought up a little Booklet called “Patience and Her Garden’ for me to read at Athanaeides tonight. Then I went with May over to watch her play her tournament with Ruth Desenburg  she (May) easily won three love sets. Then M and I came to the college courts and won two sets from Mr. Johnson and Roberta Williams. This evening I went to the lit meeting at Rosamond’s. I had a perfect pile of fun in the business meeting We planned for our party and there was a furious and comical debate as to whether we should have boys or not. We decided in the negative.

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