Tennis tournament ahead!

[Post of May 30-Jun 1, 1911]

Tues. May 30, 1911

I got up and there was a grand rush to be off! We took the car, Roscoe and I, with L. and May and got the train and went to the lake. It was an ideal day for a picnic and there were 30 or 40 there I should say. We had our headquarters at the Payne cottage and I had a fine time with Ralph Payne. Well we went swimming twice once in the morning and once towards night. It was fine. Rollin MacDonald is a perfectly grand swimmer  we had fun in the water doing new stunts. Roscoe is a good swimmer too. Oh, the whole day was full I don’t know how to tell it all, we went boating, canoeing (my that was great most the best fun of the day). Ralph, Roscoe & I took a walk around one end of the lake  I found a great big blue racer about three ft. long. Ralph attacked him with a stick but didn’t kill him. We hunted for arrow heads in a field from which four or five hundred had been taken but we only found some chips. We got some ice cream cones and cracker jack.

Having fun at Gull Lake, ca. 1910

I was chosen captain for one base ball team and I was the only girl on our team  we were beaten I’m sorry to say score 7-5  They had every immaginible[sic] thing to eat! There was a fine swing there also which I used when there wasn’t anything else doing. Oh I’m so sleepy I can’t write any more.


Wed. May 31, 1911

I was so sleepy and lame from rowing this morning that I simply could[‘nt] get up and go to school so I staid[sic]  in bed till most ten o’clock. I’snt[sic] that rediculus[sic]. Then I played the mandolin and piano for Mrs. Schults and talked with her untill[sic] dinner time. After dinner I ironed untill[sic] time for Mrs. Schultz to go then I bade her goodby and at 3:30 went over and played tennis with Miss Hay. I won three sets from her then she got 3 games out of five games. Then she came home with me to meet mamma and she had invited me to Albion with her when she plays in the intercollegiate tournament day after tomorrow  Oh! I would do most anything if papa would only let me go  wouldn’t it be grand!!! I can hardly wait to find out if I can go. Papa will come home in the morning then I will know. This evening I went down to the church to sell candy at the supper  I sold about 2.00 dollars worth. It was a dandy strawberry shortcake supper.


Thur. June 1, 1911

I can go!! Oh joy unspeakable  I am so ticked I can hardly wait!!!! We go tomorrow morning on the 6:38 train  she is coming here for breakfast tomorrow then we will go down togather[sic]  she plays the tournament at nine in the morning. We grew lots for the H.S. tournaments this morning and I got Ruth Appledorn for my partner  my I was scared stiff because Miss Gregg thinks she is the best player in the H.S.  well we played our tournament this afternoon and would you believe it!! I WON three love sets from her and of course won the tournament. It’s the first real [tournament] I ever played. Then we played with Miss Hay and Miss Gregg at the college then Miss Hay went and Ruth got tired so Miss Gregg and I started a set   the games were long and hard and we stoped[sic] when it was 3-1 her favor. Well Hurray for tomorrow.

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