[Post of May 27-28, 1911]

Sat. May 27, 1911

Well I woke up about eight o’clock and heard the telephone ring and Miss Gregg invited me to play tennis with Mr Puffer Mr Laird & herself at nine o’clock  My I felt honored. I hurried quite some and Mr Puffer & I played against them. We won the first set 6-3 they won the second and third  they were close sets. Miss Gregg asked me if I would go over to the college courts and tell them that she was coming soon and if they didn’t have another umpire for me to do it for them. I ran over and they decided they would begin with me for umpire, you see it was between Albion and Kalamazoo to determine which could compete in the intercollegiate tournaments. My it was the most important possion[position] I ever was in   every one had to abbide[sic] by my decisions. Well Miss Hay won in singles from Albion  isn’t that grand! grand!! grand!!! I umpired all through the morning and I did it so satisfactory that they asked me to umpire again for doubles in the afternoon so I did. It was hard to do it in the afternoon there were so many difficult points to decide. Our girls lost in doubles, Miss Simmons got so flustrated[sic] and nervious[sic]. The boys lost in both. I am crazy to go to the state meet at Albion and watch Miss Hay play!!

Sun. May 28, 1911

I went to church and Esther went with me   the dearest little girl sat in the pew with us.  In Sunday School I had rather an embarrassing time about the picnic Tuesday! I was asked to take charge of the candy booth for Wed night. Roscoe asked me to go walking this afternoon with him and so I said I would. We went four of us Donald Wallace and Dorothy and Roscoe and I  We had the grandest time and the longest walk and got just beautiful flowers, long stemed[sic] violet, pionies[sic], Iris and ferns. We called [on] Miss Dolibin and she presented us each with a yellow rose. We stopped at Henderson’s a minute. We came back along the railroad track. It was so late that we couldn’t go to church so they all came in and Aunt Emma made us some popcorn and we played and sang and talked. Then they went home. I certainly hate to entertain boys. I forgot to say that in our walk Dorothy and I found a snake and threw stones at it and we were also all chased by a cow. We were caught in a wind storm too! I tore my white dress.


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