A view from a hill

[Post of May 23-24, 1911]

Tues. May 23, 1911

I went to school and nothing particularly different happened. It rained, Thundered & lighninging[sic] for a while then the sun shone just beautifully and the walks were dry when it was time to come home. I road home with Rosamond  I do quite often.  we almost ran over and[sic] old man  she made the horse go so fast! This afternoon I practiced, ironed and then Vera and I played duets. In the evening May and I talked and talked & talked and planned and planned & planned all about how we would arange[sic] certain difficult problems such as ????  We walked all around and strolled up in the cemetary[sic]  we sat down in those nice iron chairs and leaned back against that nice great big tombstone where you can look out over the city and then we had the nicest talk  the city is beautiful at night  we went back home about nine o’clock.

Early view from Mountain Home Cemetery

Wed. May 24, 1911

Went to school. In the afternoon when I went out to take my car [she is referring to a streetcar] for my music lesson Iry Rogers came by in the doctors carriage and asked me to ride so I did!! Mamma & the folks were awfully shocked and said I must never do it again. In the evening Vera, Ruth and Dorothy Martin 3 [illegible] girls and myself went over to Vine street to the Woodward 8th grade play. It was “The Gadsby Girls” and it was the cutest thing  Evah Jacobs was awfully pretty. No one forgot or anything and the acting was fine. Oh it was so funny! Right in the middle of the 3rd Act some boys stole some fudge where they were selling it in the hall and Mr. Starkweather and several others started after them pell-mell down the stairs   everyone thought the building was on fire and there was a grand stampeed[sic] for the hall  I was awfully scared   when they found out what was the matter they came strageling[sic] back and after a while the play went on. My sakes when I got back to my seat and the tenshion[sic] was over I trembled like a leaf. When we got up to Douglas Ave on the way home we met Livingstone and he asked if he could speak with me I said yes and we walked up by May’s and around the loop onto Grand Ave then home.  he talked about Gull Lake for Saturday and D.L. & Ruth and I told him I would think about it. I am in an awfull[sic] quandary what to do. Something has got to happen tomorrow!  It is after eleven now so to bed I go!!


Note from KVM: Claire never wrote about her “quandary” over Livingstone’s apparent invitation to go to Gull Lake.  According to her diary entry for that Saturday, she played tennis all day.

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