Trio of Boys — Donald, Ned & Roscoe

[Post of May 17-18, 1911]

Wed. May 17, 1911

Well this has been a funny day for me! I went to school this morning and May, Edith Bailey and I were walking home together when Donald Little came along in his automobile and asked to take us home. May and Edith said “Oh sure!” and there was nothing left for me to do but to get in besides Donald! Well the sum and total of it was he asked me to go riding with him and when I hesitated he said I might ask some one else too if I had rather so I said I would go. I have asked Vera to go with us and she says she will. I have liked Donald better since he has been more considerate and sensible. This afternoon I took my music lesson and dropped in to the cradle Roll reception just long enough to be cival[sic] and get some ice cream then we had W.I.C.  afterwards Vera stoped[sic] at my house and we went and picked a bunch of violets. I asked her to come over so she did in the evening and we practiced and talked. Roscoe called up and wanted to know if he could come up this evening and I told him Vera was coming over to play duets! Ha! Ha! I said “You can come up anyhow if you want to!!” Ha! Ha! Of course he said he wouldn’t.


Thur. May 18, 1911

Claire’s friend, May Fraser, was “oh so happy” to be asked to the school dance.

Went to school this afternoon just as I was ready to start for orchestra practice the telephone rang and just think! It was Ned Longley and he asked me to go to the fraternity dance with him tomorrow night. My! I was pleased to have him ask me  I think he’s so nice and he only goes with the very finest girls & boys of course I told him I didn’t dance and I hope I did it all right. Its going to be the biggest[sic] dance and the swellest dance of the year and only the boys can take girls who have had invitations.  Later today May came down and was oh so happy! Because Ned had asked her. Of course she’s going and I am glad she can   she wanted a bid so badly. I had a nice time at orchestra practice  It  rained so I couldn’t play with Miss H. this afternoon  there was just a little hard shower but it spoiled the court for today. When I got home I found that Roscoe had been calling up at various intervals during the afternoon and then he called up and asked me to go to the Art Exhibit and here[sic] the illustrated lecture by Critic J.W. Young of Chicago. I went and the exhibit was fine   the pictures I liked best were a portrait called “A Rose” by John W. Alexander, “King of the Moose” by Carl Rungus and four landscapes by J.E. Bundy entitled “October Morning” “Nearing Twilight” “Woodland” “Beech in Winter.”   The lecture was also good  he showed us some fine slides of works of George Inness and many others. Bernice Wilcox and Ruth Campbell were there and Katherine Locart. Roscoe tried to be real nice but I don’t like the way he wiggles my fan. He asked me to go to the Junior Baraca picnic at Long Lake with him and for want of a reason I said yes.

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