The Automobile Incident

[Post of May 12-13, 1911]

Fri. May 12, 1911

Went to school  we had chapel today. In the afternoon at 2 o’clock I meet Miss Hay at the tennis courts at the college and we played a set  I won 6 to 1. Then Mr. Haines and Mr. Sherwood had a boy that I knew introduce them to me and I [introduce] them to Miss Hay. They asked us to play doubles with them on the best court (you see Miss H & I were playing on the other) and as they are two of the finest players I know I felt highly honored. OH We had a Grand time!!! I played w ith Mr. Sherwood because I beat Miss Hay & Mr Haines won from Mr. Sherwood. Miss H & Mr H got the first 3 sets 7-5, 6-4, 6-1 then Mr. S and I got the next set 7-5. Then they asked us to go down to the drug store and we went into Dunwells Ice cream parlor (Jan 15) and I ordered a Normal Special  it was quartared[sic] bananoes[sic] and Ice cream with choclate[sic] poured over it. It was fine but I like some other things first as well. Mr. Haines is quite a noted writer of stort[sic] stories and hes written some books I think. I think he is fine he certainly is a great tennis player. I don’t know much about Mr. Sherwood but he certainly is very polite.

This evening Vera & Rosamond and I went to Atheanaeides Society at Margaret Frenches  she surly[sic] has a beautiful home, large rooms, polished floors, hand decorated wall, broad staircases and side light  there were only 14 or 15 of us there and we had (next page) piles of fun. We got awfully foolish in the business meeting but we finally decided on the pins and [decided] to have our party on May 26th. The program was good. Rosamond was critic and she made a fine speech. Ruth MacCarthy gave her oration at the State contest at Battle Creek tonight Oh I hope she won She is the president of our society you know! Well it is eleven o’clock and guess I better get into bed.

Young woman picking flowers from the woods, ca. 1910

Sat. May 13, 1911

Well this has been a busy day! I got up early and May and I took the car at 7:00 for Millar’s woods just beyond the Michigan buggy company factory. You know I had to furnish 400 boquets[sic] and get other people to furnish more for Mothers day tomorrow  I never had such a job in my life. We picked & picked & picked white violets and we got enough for 400. Then we picked bunches of blue violets & other flowers for ourselves and had a fine time. Oh I love to go to the woods! We got home about 12:00 and after dinner May came down and we tied and tied & tied bunches of violets  we sat there and worked the whole afternoon and I think May was a perfect dear to help me!! In the evening May went with me to the High School concert and it went off well. Oh it was funny the first number, the orchestra played and it was the Wedding March Mendolsons[sic], at the first there is a horn solo and the boy that blows it had the stage-fright or somthing[sic] and lost is[sic] breath and he made the funniest little squeaks  My I guess he was releaved[sic] when we all chimed in and played! Otherwise we got along pretty well. The cantata was a success so everone[sic] says. May & I walked home with Miss Brown, Watkins and Burns and just as we got to the corner at Douglas & Main an automobile came tearing up the street  I never saw a car go so fast, they tried to make the corner and they were going at such a terrific pace that a man was hurled out of the seat to the side of the road  his head jammed against the curbing and he lay there on the pavement, he staggard[sic] up though and sat down on the steps of the car and finally the car went on, just crept along with him held on to the steps. Florence Johnson was in the car and when he was hurt she got out and wrang her hands and was just frantic. It all unnerved me so that when I got home I slept with Aunt Emma!

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