First Heart Throbs

[Post of May 10-11, 1911]

Wed. May 10, 1911

Between private music lessons and practice at school, Claire had the opportunity to play a wide variety of music. One piece that she was fond of was “First Heart Throbs” from 1907.

Went to school! May and I skiped[sic] 2nd hour and had a jolly good time  we gathered a few violets and missed the chapel period. In the afternoon I took my music lesson  he gave me a piece “First Heart Throbs” that is real pretty.  When I got home May and I went to play tennis but the courts were all full so we sat down over at the Normal and Carl Bissel came over. After a while Livingstone came along and May and L. went over to the Woodward courts and I went home and dressed for the banquet. Esther and I served on the same side of a long table and we had a pile of fun when we weren’t busy. There were about 150 there. The orchestra was pretty good. We went out doors between courses and had lots of fun.  we took our plates piled high out in front and sat on the horse block to eat   it was so hot inside and no one could tell who we were if we didn’t face the light or let them kow[sic]. We were eating peas and meet[sic] etc. at a great rate when Mr. Miles came along and he sat down on the grass beside us and suddenly right in the midst of an enjoyable conversation Mr. Smith came to the door of the church. My Esther and I got up and simply ran. Mr Miles said sarcastically “That’s right! Leave [it] all to me” then he got up as gracefully as he could and walked off. We came home with Pollard. If there is any person I detest its him.

Thur. May 11, 1911
Went to school. In the afternoon I went over to orchestra practice  we went over to Herman Siewarts today to practice and we played hard and long  Miss Ulrich came over and waved her baton majestically around. I think we’ve got the Wedding march pretty good but I don’t feel sure of the cantata. Then we all went over to school and played a piece at the 10-2 reception  we had a lot of fun and were served the refreshments all by ourselves  we had Macarones[sic], Margarets Ice cream and salted nuts. Miss Newhall had on a beautiful dress! There were about 125 at the Reception. Livingstone walked home with me. In the evening Vera, Miss Garbot & I took a walk. Then we stayed over to V’s.

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