I had a grand evening!

Sat. May 6, 1911

I didn’t wake up until[sic] 8:30 and I found that May had made a date for her and I to play doubles with Livingstone and Kenneth at 9:00. you can imagine[sic] how I rushed  the boys and May were here before I was ready. Well the first set Kenneth and I won easily and Livingstone and May won all the rest  we had lots of fun but we didn’t play a very stif[sic] game. “I’m surprised!” “I can’t see you for laughing!!” We got home about 12:00 and about 2:30 May called up and we two went over and played three sets of tennis  I won  Mr Thompson was over playing and we had lots of fun. Then I rushed down to Cecille’s to get her to go to the Freshman-Sophmore party with me tonight   you see the orchestra had to play  she said she would and it was 6 o’clock by the time we got started down town  I had to buy some roses to wear and some ‘pomps”   my but we hurried and we had to wait so long for a clerk. We caught a car but had to wait for a 63 car freight to go by  was nearly frantic for I didn’t get home until after 7:00 and the party began at half past. I just gulped down a few mouthfuls and dressed in a whirl. I got down to Cecille’s finely and we just flew over to the school. We weren’t very late either. They gave a little farse that was real clever  it was in Two Acts  It was a bachlor[sic] who posted a sign on his house “Wife wanted” and the results were very amusing  Then the orchestra sat up on the platform and played for the grand march. We were served first in a room by our selves and had a pile of fun   the refreshments were brick ice cream with red strawberries on it and white triangular cake with red frosting a dear little silk flag sticking out the point of the cake.  After we ate we went back and played while the others ate and then later we played for a game. We all had some more ice cream and cake Ha! Ha! and about time to go Herman said we should all go down to Medimbers[sic] so off we went  Livingstone and I took out our instruments and played for the rest to sing while we walked along. Most of the folks took 10 dishes but I couldn’t stand anything more rich tonight so I got orange ice.

Meadimber’s was a popular hang-out for Kalamazoo’s teenagers in the early part of the 20th century. It was a candy and ice cream shop located a few doors from the Burdick Hotel.

We mixed up the awfullest[sic] combination in one of the glasses. When we separated Livingstone walked up with Cecille and I.  I forgot to tell about the funny incident that happened  When we came out of the High School building (the boys had gone out first and were waiting on a ways) a boy steped[sic] up to me and asked to take me home, I recognized him as one of the H.S. boys but I did not know him so I said “I don’t believe I know who you are!” he said “my name is Mr. Smith.” I said, “well the orchestra are going down town,” and so he left me in place.

I didn’t get home until 12:00 or after tonight but I’ve had a grand evening!!

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