Rain and Baseball

[Apr 29-30, 1911]

Sat. April 29, 1911
Edna and Ardith went to Otsego today. This morning I didn’t get up until late then I mended and practiced an hour on the mandolin. This afternoon Esther and Cecille and I went to the Base Ball game between Jackson and Kalamazoo. It just poured about time to begin and they had to wait to start then the rain stoped[sic] and the game began and was real interesting to see the boys slide around in the mud for bases then about the fifth inning it simply poured!! And everyone started for home with the game 8-7 in favor of Jackson   I know we would have won if the game had been finished  I used May’s ticket and we had an awful time with Joas   I came to Allegan this evening instead of going to the party for several reasons.

Sun. April 30, 1911
This has been a lovely day! I went to church and Sunday School then after dinner Neoma Post and I went over to see Bernice  we had a fine time. Bernice isn’t well at all I don’t think she ought to come back to school this term. Neoma is fine  I like her better every time I see her.  We got home about 5:30   I saw Delia Thue on the way home and walked with her a ways. This evening Hellen and I played in both Bible class and evening service and in the Bible class when we were coming down off of the platform Hellen didn’t see her mandolin case and she steped[sic] right in it and triped[sic]  she jumped about a foot and a half into the air to save herself and came down on the floor with a bang  Oh it was funny!!

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