I am so different

[Apr 18-23, 1911]

Tues. April 18, 1911
Went to school. I got A on my card in Latin  that is the first time I have gotten A in latin for so long I could hardley believe it. This afternoon I read and then I took Ardith walking and we went up to Mrs Wrights to get home grape juice. She and her husband are both deaf and I had to walk right in and present myself  I guess it’s the first time Ardith ever saw a deaf person.  I had a dreadful time trying to talk to Mrs W. Oh it is such a pitaful[sic] sight  he is liable to die any time. I just dread to get old and wrinkled, what if I should be deaf!!

Wed. April 19, 1911
It has rained all day just a steady downpour!! Nothing particularly interesting has happened today and I don’t think there ever will anything very interesting happen. I feel so dissatisfied with everything and everbody nowadays!

Sun. April 23, 1911

Elizabeth Stuart Phelps Ward was an advocate for women’s clothing reform and encouraged women to get rid of their corsets.

I haven’t done anything but lay around and read all day. I’m stiffer than anything today! I have been reading some out of the autobiography of Mrs. Elizabeth Stuart Phelps Ward (you know she just died in January)  I enjoyed some parts very much.  I wonder if my life would sound interesting to anyone if they read this diary  I think it is so monotonous and unexciting! I read part of Betty Wales Freshman I hope will be as popular and have as good a time in college as she did. I am so different from most girls you see I don’t dance or go to the theater or opera or anything that other people go to so I suppose most people think I’m queer.  I love to play tennis and swim and play basket ball and do those things though so I guess I’m not absolutly[sic] hopeless.

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