April Fool’s Day

April 1-2, 1911

Sat. April 1, 1911

This morning the folks made the first lot of pancakes all right and the second griddle full had cotton in them and we girls sawed away on them  too funny for anything   Phyllis ate two mouthfuls and Florence one and you ought to have heard Mamma & Aunt Emma laugh.

Claire's walk around the Grand Avenue loop probably looked something like this scene. This is an early picture (ca. 1900) of the Henderson Park subdivision before it was completed

Then we girls went walking around the loop on Grand Ave.  They have the streets laid out just beautifully up there and when the houses are built I imagine it will be beautiful.  May came up and we played games. At train time Esther and May went to the train with us & then we girls came to Allegan. Mamma & I took the buss[sic] and came to the church then Helen and I practiced, and afterwards I came home with Mrs Redman. Bernice Wilcox was here and we had a grand time. We played April fool jokes all the time  we put wast[sic] baskets, piano stool, had a tripod for Mrs. R., at the table and mind you! My glass of water had salt and I drank some of it. Mrs. Redman laughed & laughed  after supper Mamma and Papa came up and we made taffy and had popcorn. Bernice and I were in the kitchen alone while it was boiling and we maid[sic] a seperate[sic] lot and put salt & “Dutch Cleanser” in it  we pulled it like the other and Mamma and Mr Redman ate a piece  Then we called up Phyllis and asked her to hold the phone a minute! We called up several that way, and they were pretty well fooled! Bernice and I talked quite a will[sic].

Sun. April 2, 1911

This has been a lovely day! We went to church & S.S. and I meet a real nice boy at church today his name is Mr. Linstrom and he is real polite. He is from Chicago and is going to work in Allegan this summer. This afternoon we played duets and talked. Then went up to see Mrs. Baines  she is sick  then went to bible class then all went over to the opera house to a local option mass meeting. It was a fine meeting  a lawyer spoke very interestingly comparing the letter which the wets go out with the truth [‘wets’ refers to people who are against the prohibition of alcohol]. Then another man spoke. Papa & mamma sang. I would be so glad if Kazoo county would go dry. When we got home tonight we ate & talked and didn’t get to bed until real late.

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